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Online Mindful Masturbation Evening

02/05/2020 from 19:00 to 22:00



Especially nowadays at the times of the Corona crises it is so important that we stay connected to our bodies and our sexual energy. At this time where it is almost impossible not to sense the collective fear and anxiety all around, tapping into the knowledge of our bodies and our eroticism can assist us to maintain a balanced and loving attitude to ourselves and all that surrounds us.

We are going to set up a Zoom meeting and use different elements we have been exploring  the last years in our workshops  such as conscious breathing, pelvis exercises, dance, and fantasy to create a communal erotic space where each at his own home is invited to explore solo-sex in a refreshing and empowering way. Our intention is to dwell in this magical space where each is connected to his own individual experience and yet feels part of the group field. You are not required to show yourself  nude through the camera but we do ask that you keep your camera on and stay present by your computer.

As part of our wish to support uplifting the energy at this crises time we are not charging anything for this event. If you feel called after the event you can give us a small donation to the PayPal account of Moshe Weizman (m_weizman@hotmail.com). The number of participants is limited to 20 and we ask you to register in pairs of opposite gender (not necessarily friends you can also just arrange with someone who clicked here intrested to join) so that we can keep a feminine-masculine energy balance. To register write us a short email to info@multiorgasmcoaching.com and we will send you a confirmation and short before the event starts the Zoom link to join.



The rough structure for this evening will be:

19:00 Welcome circle

19:30 Coming into the body and getting to know each other exercises

20:30 Masturbation circle

21:30 Sharing round

22:00 End



We are looking forward for this evening with you.


Yvonne and Moshe


19:00 to 22:00