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Moshe MultiOrgasm Coach
My path to becoming a sex researcher and a coach started at the age of 16 with a book I found called “The Multi-Orgasmic Man” by Mantak Chia. I was fascinated by the exercises described in this book and the discoveries I made about myself with it. I remember the first time I felt a tickling sensation in my head after testing the “big draw” exercise where I set my intention on moving sexual heat or energy in my body.

However, in spite of the immediate strong impact this book had on me, for many years the question as to whether it is really possible to achieve this kind of multiple full-body orgasms without ejaculation described in this book remained for me unanswered. By the age of 30 I had gone through two long-term relationships and become a father but had not yet experienced such orgasms. It was not before the breakup of my second long-term relationship that something changed and one day I was standing in the bathroom doing my self-pleasuring ritual after my morning run and for the first time I experienced a full-body orgasm without ejaculation.

This experience that I had set me on fire to understand what made it possible to reach such a full-body orgasm without ejaculation and what other secrets lie hidden within my body and my sexuality. This was also the time when I have finished a PhD in physics about properties of semiconductor materials and was exposed to the way scientists ask questions and approach unknown territories. Seeing how little scientist really know but yet how precise they try to capture the underlying mechanisms behind the phenomena they observe inspired me to keep on asking questions about my own sexuality. The video demonstrations and coaching offers presented here are the result of more than ten years of intensive exploration in this field with numerous workshops, educational programs, and exchanges I had with specialists on this topic. My last education was the Berlin Sexological Bodywork Certificate Training in 2016 and since 2019 I’m a certified Sexological Bodyworker

My intention is to inspire you with this site to become more interested in your sexuality and where it may take you if you open yourself up. It might not always be an easy ride but the awareness you will gain in this process will change your life for the better.




I grew up in a family where being nude was natural and normal (FKK), but to talk about sex and pleasure was a taboo. When I masturbated for the first time at the age of 13, I felt pleasure and shame at the same time. In my teenage years I felt alone and insecure very often, had no connection to my body, and didn’t like myself.  I was very shy and ashamed in dealing with my sexuality, usually choosing to hide it, though underneath feeling very attracted to it. The separation from my ex-husband in 2013 was for me the beginning of a new life phase where I discovered myself and my sexuality in a new way. Today, I define my life as a juicy exploration journey and am convinced that it is never too late to start exploring your sexuality and create the basis for a fulfilling and happy life . At 2019 I have become a certified Sexological Bodyworker (IISB) and with my work mainly in Berlin I support people to remember that we all are sexual beings, from the first to our last breath.