About us


My path to becoming a men’s sex coach started when I was 16 and stumbled upon a book called “The Multi-Orgasmic Man” by Mantak Chia. I was amazed by the exercises and the things I learned about myself while reading it. I still remember the first time I tried one of the exercises and felt a surprising tingling in my head.

Even though the book had a big impact on me right away, it took me many years to really understand and experience what it was talking about. I was often frustrated and drained after sex, there was quite a lot of unconscious shame around it, and I felt caught in an unsatisfying way of accumulating sexual energy just to lose it every time the sex ended. It wasn’t until I went through a breakup when I was 30 that things started to change. One day, when I was masturbating in the bathroom, something amazing happened.

I experienced an orgasm without ejaculation and although it was quite subtle, it lit an unquenchable fire in me. I started doing exercises almost every day and over time learned a lot about myself. Eventually this brought me to pursuit the Sexological Bodywork education and to help other men, both one-on-one and in groups, using the same techniques that had helped me, keeping adjusting and improving them with time.

Working with men taught me a lot about the challenges they face in their sexual lives. The coaching offers, video demonstrations, and interviews presented here are based on what I’ve learned. They are tailored to guide you along the same transformative path that many of my clients have taken to improve their sex lives. Many of them surprised themselves by achieving what once seemed impossible, such as lasting as long as they want, overcoming insecurities, and experiencing full-body orgasms, within just a few weeks. You too deserve a sex life that feels amazing and free, and I’m here to help you get there!


My journey to becoming a massage therapist and a men’s coach has been a story of self-discovery. Sometime ago in my early 20s, after leaving behind an athletic career that made me miserable and trying to find solace in hedonistic club culture, I began the process of waking up, growing up and cleaning up.

I became a professional bodyworker and continued studying eastern spirituality, as well as exploring several embodiment practices including Ashtanga yoga and Aikido. After overcoming my own long fought battles keeping me from my masculine core and being confronted with the confusion that enthrals society on this topic, I saw the vital necessity for men to embody conscious masculinity.

In 2021, I founded Integral Embodiment  and since then, I help men change their world paradigms in order to overcome the nice guy-syndrome, reclaim their masculinity and create thriving intimate relationships.



I grew up in a family where being nude was natural and normal (FKK), but to talk about sex and pleasure was a taboo. When I masturbated for the first time at the age of 13, I felt pleasure and shame at the same time. In my teenage years I felt alone and insecure very often, had no connection to my body, and didn’t like myself.  I was very shy and ashamed in dealing with my sexuality, usually choosing to hide it, though underneath feeling very attracted to it. The separation from my ex-husband in 2013 was for me the beginning of a new life phase where I discovered myself and my sexuality in a new way. Today, I define my life as a juicy exploration journey and am convinced that it is never too late to start exploring your sexuality and create the basis for a fulfilling and happy life . At 2019 I have become a certified Sexological Bodyworker (IISB) and with my work mainly in Berlin I support people to remember that we all are sexual beings, from the first to our last breath.