1 on 1 coaching with Moshe for men

If you want to learn how to extend your orgasm and become a multi-orgasmic man who lives a more fulfilled and rich sexual life, I can teach you one of the most profound sexual techniques available. I have found that the benefits of learning to get full-body orgasms without ejaculation are:

  • Experiencing a deep fulfillment through extending your orgasm from your genitals to your whole body and reaching multiple number of orgasms
  • Finishing your sexual act with more energy and vitality than when you started
  • Improving your health and even healing sicknesses or potential sicknesses
  • Enhancing your attractiveness, charisma, and creativity
  • Relating to people from a place of inner richness and not out of neediness
  • Learning to accept your body and love yourself

Moshe, coaching multiorgasm for men

One thing is sure: that learning to reach fulfilling full-body orgasms without ejaculation is a process that requires time for integration and willingness to go through the barriers that will come up along the way such as being stuck in some habits, being uncomfortable with your body, or holding on to some limiting beliefs. At our sessions I’m going to support you training your pelvis muscles, becoming more aware of your body, synchronizing movement with breathing, learning to enhance your concentration capacity, and exploring new ways to approach the orgasm. We will start with theory and then move on to practical exercises with or without clothes depending on your wishes and the stage we are at.

I offer a single getting to know each other session of about an hour for 70€. If you then wish to go on with the coaching you will need to book a block with 5 sessions for 300€ so that we can create a clearly committed learning framework. If my offer appeals to you, contact me at or leave a message at the contact form. You can either book a session with me at my practice at Bänschstr. 65, 10247 in Berlin or  online via Skype/Zoom.

Client testimonial

Moshe has been an immensely helpful coach.

I feel so much more confident and at home in my sexuality.

After each session, there was always a clear take away and enough time between to allow me to explore and integrate whatever element we had uncovered together.

Moshe was especially supportive in this phase of my journey. He has certainly brought about a great shift – not only in the level of my sensitivity to my sexual energy – but in my mindset and general approach to sex and orgasms.

For this shift, I can not be more thankful!

F. D.