Online Group Coaching for Men – 10 Week Journey to Sexual Empowerment

This coaching Program is designed for men who would like to be inspired in a group setting to overcome barriers around their sexuality and gain more out of their sex life. The program is combined out of 5 group Meetings every 2 weeks and 5 personal 1 on 1 check-in calls with a team assistant.

The 5 pillars of this Program are:
Pillar 1 – Breath till You Fall in Love – Experience Heightened States of Pleasure and Fulfillment
Pillar 2 – Unleash the Power of Your Pelvis – Enjoy New Levels of Sexual Mastery
Pillar 3 – Unlock the Range from Fantasy to Stillness in Your Mind – Become More Present and Less Controlled by Your Mind
Pillar 4 – Implode into Your New Self – Harness your Sexual Energy for Growth and Transformation
Pillar 5 – Deepen Your Experience – Connect with a Wider Spectrum of your Sexuality

Here are some outcomes that men who worked with Moshe reported:

  • Overcome barriers around their sexuality such as shame, poor body image, performance anxiety, unfulfilling patterns
  • Finishing the sexual act with more energy and vitality than when they started
  • Last longer and experience a deep fulfillment through extending the sexual arousal and orgasm from their genitals to the whole body
  • Be less obsessed about visual sexual stimulation and anchored in their body
  • Boost in confidence and the ability to relate to their partners from a calm place
  • Love their body and have a healthy sexual drive
  • Bring fresh attitude and energy to spice up the sex with their partner

Since we take at Multi•O•Coaching the success of our clients seriously, we offer a money back guarantee if you completed all the sessions and exercises in the program and didn’t experience an improvement in the quality of your solo or partner-sex.

Click here below to receive more details in a free consultation talk and to see if you qualify to join the program.


1 on 1 Sex Coaching for Men – 5-Session Offer

As part of the one on one 5-Session Package Offer, I will support you individually according to your needs and wishes to overcome barriers around your sexuality and gain more out of your sex life. The session structure follows roughly the same 5 pillars structure from the group coaching with some adoptions according to your personal needs.
Some of the techniques I work with are: Enhancing the awareness for the breathing, becoming more sensitive to the body, synchronizing movement with breathing, Activating your pelvis muscles, learning to enhance your concentration capacity, and applying new ways to approach the orgasm. Between sessions, you will be asked to do exercises at home and keep record of your learnings. The sessions will take place either online via Zoom or at my practice room at Bänchstr. 65 in Berlin Friedrichshain.
Also for this one-on-one coaching package, a money back guarantee is included if you completed all the sessions and exercises and didn’t experience any improvement in the quality of your solo or partner-sex.

If this 1 on 1 coaching offer appeals to you set up a free consultation call. I will then present you my ideas and approach and if we both decide we are a good match, I will offer you to book the 5 sessions coaching package so that we can create a clearly committed learning framework and dive into your personal sexual empowerment journey.


Coaching for couples with Yvonne and Moshe

If you wish to bring your partner for a couple session to talk about how you can together overcome some unsatisfying dynamics and gain more out of your sex life, click below to setup a free consultation talk or leave a message at the contact form.