Mindful Masturbation – A Somatic Pathway to Self-Love

Mindful Masturbation
A Somatic Pathway to Self-Love

Imagine a small group of people, some initially strangers, committing to meet regularly for about half a year to explore mindfully different aspects of masturbation. In an attempt to bring love to their masturbation practice they were looking into elements such as breathing, pelvis awareness, fantasies, emotion, judgments, meditation and ecstasy.

We are excited to present here a short documentary film about this unique group process. Five participants agreed to be interviewed about how they came to be part of this project and what they discovered in this life-changing adventure.

Here are some voices from people who saw the film:

“Bravo to all who are supporting and have supported this film’s creation- a powerful, gentle light on a deeply taboo subject. Mindful masturbation. Thank you for your work in the world. I was deeply surprised how heartfully, honest and thought provoking the film was.” W.

” I really enjoyed hearing you talk so openly about masturbation…You can really feel how deeply touched each one of you was by this experience. It wasn’t just about the joy of masturbation but so much more…” N.

“In dealing with such an edgy topic as group masturbation, this film made me feel that such a process could be safe and powerful. There is an overwhelming tone of deep personal transformation in a loving and safe environment. While some films focus on orgasmic highs or orgies, this group seems clearly focused towards universal love and compassion, integrated with sexuality…” E.