Interview with Katja Lewina on orgasms without ejaculation (in German) published on her ebook “Männer und Sex” at  01.03.2021.

Opening your heart and feeling connected is an important aspect of fulfilling sex…Katja Lewina sais at the end of our interview that for that you don’t even need to come….Moshe Weizman & Katja Lewina

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Interview for the SAT1 Show: “So liebt Deutschland” (in German)


Interview with Lina Gralka from Amorelie about “Orgasmen ohne Ejakulation” (in German) as part of the podcast series “heart2heart” 24.10.2019. Podcast link here.

Orgasmen ohne Ejakulation

Mehere Orgasmen ohne Ejakulation sind wie eine Sonnenbad. Im Vergleich dazu ist der normale Orgasmus wie eine kurzer flüchtiger Sonnenstrahl.Moshe Weizman



Interview with Shanli Anwar from Deutschlandfunk Nova about “Orgasmus Optimierung” (in German) 16.11.2018 as part of the radio program “Eine Stunde Liebe”. Podcast link here.Orgasmus Optimierung Podcast

To expand the orgasm to the chest area allow men to feel saturated and fulfilled. It frees them from the need to ejaculate that many sense is addictive.Moshe Weizman