Interview with Katja Lewina on orgasms without ejaculation (in German) published on her ebook “Männer und Sex” at  01.03.2021.

[su_quote cite=”Moshe Weizman & Katja Lewina” url=”“]Opening your heart and feeling connected is an important aspect of fulfilling sex…Katja Lewina sais at the end of our interview that for that you don’t even need to come….[/su_quote]

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Interview for the SAT1 Show: “So liebt Deutschland” (in German)


Interview with Lina Gralka from Amorelie about “Orgasmen ohne Ejakulation” (in German) as part of the podcast series “heart2heart” 24.10.2019. Podcast link here.

Orgasmen ohne Ejakulation

[su_quote cite=”Moshe Weizman” url=”″]Mehere Orgasmen ohne Ejakulation sind wie eine Sonnenbad. Im Vergleich dazu ist der normale Orgasmus wie eine kurzer flüchtiger Sonnenstrahl.[/su_quote]



Interview with Shanli Anwar from Deutschlandfunk Nova about “Orgasmus Optimierung” (in German) 16.11.2018 as part of the radio program “Eine Stunde Liebe”. Podcast link here.Orgasmus Optimierung Podcast

[su_quote cite=”Moshe Weizman” url=””]To expand the orgasm to the chest area allow men to feel saturated and fulfilled. It frees them from the need to ejaculate that many sense is addictive.[/su_quote]