• Struggling with challenges such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, a lack of orgasm, porn addiction, or insecurities surrounding your sexuality?
  • Finding yourself feeling drained after ejaculation and trapped in a cycle you can’t escape?
  • Sensing that there’s untapped potential within you and are eager to expand your sexual and orgasmic capabilities?

My somatic sex coaching is tailored to empower you on this journey!

Welcome to Multi•O•Coaching 🎉

I am Moshe Weizman your expert for somatic sex coaching with focus on multiple full-body orgasms.

Sexual experiences carry a huge potential for pleasure, healing, and personal transformation.

Sadly, many men experience them in a shallow way that does not give them access to truly fulfilling sex.

For many, it is a habitual act of discharging accumulated sexual energy that lasts a short time and involves only the genital area.

Here in Multi•O•Coaching you will find powerful somatic techniques based on 4000-year-old Taoist tradition and the sexual bodyworking method on how you can be sexual in ways that are long-lasting, felt in your entire body, and leave you with a sense of being deeply connected to yourself and to others

Curious how these simple somatic techniques can take your sex life to a whole new level?
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