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The orgasm is the peak of our sexual excitement. Sadly, many people experience the orgasm in a shallow way that does not give them access to a truly fulfilling somatic experience. For many it is a habitual act of discharging accumulated sexual energy that lasts a short time and involves only the genital area.
In this site you will find video demonstrations and coaching offers on how to reach orgasms that are long lasting, felt in your entire body, and leave you with a magical sense of being deeply connected to your human nature.
Moreover, the techniques presented here show how it is possible for men to develop the ability to get a multiple number of orgasms without ejaculation. The word Multiorgasm is used here to describe both a sequence of multiple number of orgasms and a single orgasm that contains multiple dimensions. We would love to inspire you to find your way to Go Multi!

Jack Haas transfiguration spirit and flesh - MultiOrgasm Coaching

Perhaps the earliest experience that we all had in our mother’s womb was being securely connected to another human being and yet in a continuous process of growth and expansion. We started our journey in the womb with these two core needs provided, to be held safely and to have enough space to grow.
As we grew up, the drive to be socially anchored brought us to develop feminine qualities such as emotional intelligence, intuition, and interest in seeing the big picture.
On the other hand, the drive to have a clear aim and meaning in life brought us to develop masculine qualities such as the capacity for rational analysis, the ability to learn step-by-step, and an interest in detail.
When tracking it back to its core, the sexual urge stems from the charge and the potential felt when bringing these two poles together. New neuroscience research on brain activity during sexual arousal and orgasm shows that especially the orgasm has a tremendous effect on us, activating many parts of our brain that are responsible for emotions, touch, joy, satisfaction, and memory.
Here in MultiOrgasm Coaching we believe that learning to orgasm with awareness can give you a sense of owning both the feminine and masculine parts within you and leave you with a deep feeling of wholeness and happiness.